Into A Fantasy (Inspired by the song)

She sat at the easel 

Wiping her tears

She picked up her brush

Trying to forget her fears

She winced as she moved

Winced when to the canvas she moved her arm

They were covered in many colors

Colors that show how much she is in harm

She painted a scene 

Which upon she would like to go

A golden sky, smiling boy, and green grass

Light and happiness is all it would show

She thought of how her life was 

How she was beaten and bruised 

How she had been hurt

Been tormented and used

Oh how she wished her life was the picture 

That she could go into that fantasy 

That's when she saw the boy in the picture 

Smiling and saying, "Come fly with me."

He held out his hand

Smiling gently at her 

"Come fly with me."

If it was her, she wasn't sure

She reached out hesitantly 

And grabbed his hand

With a yelp and a flash

She was in his land 

She gasped wide eyed

"It's you..." she muttered

He looked at her curiously 

Down a leave fluttered

"I had a dream you were there

High above the clouds somewhere

Rain was falling from the sky

But it never touched you, you're way up high" 

He smiled at her, taking her hand

"Come on. Fly with me." 

He lead her away as they flew

Over mountains and the sea

The more they flew, the more they talked

Before she asked, "Tell me, what is this place?"

He grinned, "This is where, it's all gone." 

She looked him curiously in the face

"No more worries no more fears

You will make them disappear 

Sadness can not steal the show

For it has died, many years ago."

She smiled, ever so happy

Gone were her scars and fears

Bruises and scars- dissolved 

He reached out and dried her tears

"It will be alright now

Whatever happened before 

It's gone forever

Trampled on the floor"

He smiled gently at her

Taking her hand once more

Standing up with her

Walking to the shore

"And I will be with will be with you every step

I've found a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever."

She felt it too

She felt a connection to him 

He would never let something 

Bad happen to ever again 

Joyous would be everything 

He held her close

Then took off into the air

She took a deep breath

Of that crisp golden air fair

Once again, he broke out into song

"Come fly with me

Into a fantasy 

Where you can be 

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me"

They flew together 

Flying over mount 

Hill valley and sea 

Too many to count 

She felt no longer tired

Neither any fear

As long as she was with him 

And he held her dear

"We Can fly all day long

Show me the world"

She sang to him

"Sing me a song"

Finding no memory of her past

She felt light, not cold 

"Tell me what the future holds

We will paint it all in gold!"

He told of stories of this world

As they played and flew 

They needed not rest

And the world revolved around the two

"And I will believe your every word

Cause I have a friend in you

And we'll always stay together"

They thought it could be true

But it seems she was destined 

To live a sad life, no matter how much she would fight 

For she was transported back

In time to see her painting under fire light 

She broke down in tears

The fantasy was burned

No longer could she fly

Back to dismal her life as turned

She ran from her heinous father

Sobbing and crying

Tears soaking the ground 

She sank down, sighing 

How her life was terrible

Her only joy

Had been burned and tossed

Like a forgotten toy 

She lived alone for a few years 

Unable to feel happy

She had no friends 

It was so tacky 

As she walked along the gloomy road

The raindrops mixed with the salt of her tears

All of a sudden she felt a tap on her shoulder

She jumped, remembering her fears

"Are you alright miss?" He Asked

He smiled at her gently 

"Is something wrong?"

He asked kindly 

She looked into is face and gasped

For he was the boy from years ago

From the fantasy painting 

That had been burned before first snow

"Could it be?" She whispered 

Not daring to hope it was so

Or else it might not be

But her life was already so low

Could it really hurt?

"Is it really you?" She Asked

He looked at her, feeling her suffer

"I'm sorry... I don't know, you

Seem to confuse me with another"

She cried in his shoulder 

As he held her close

He picked her up

And to his house he arose 

He let her sleep

Seeing dark circles under her eyes

As she dreamed of the golden fields

Where that boy flies

When she awoke on the bright sunny morning 

She looked around, not sure of where she was

But then she saw a canvas and paint 

She painted and finished with the bees a buzz

She had painted the Fantasy 

That she had once known

Before it was burned 

And into the wind it's ashes were thrown 

Then she saw it, he was back

The boy in the painted waved her to him

She smiled so big, hoping to go to his lands

Instead he said something she thought grim 

"I cannot bring you with me this time

But I will keep my promise and be with you

And keep you close forever

Though I'm sorry to say I bid you ado" 

She burst into tears, sobbing on the floor

"But you promised you would always be with me!"

"And I shall." A voice Said from behind her

It was the one who brought her here, it was he 

"Come fly with me" he pleaded 

Though he wasn't the one from the paintings 

"Into a fantastic life we shall have

We shall soar over life on eagles wings

Come fly with me

Into a fantasy 

Where you can be

Who you want to be

Come fly with me" 

She took his hand 

As he pulled her up

They smiled the other 

She was happy about this set-up

Many years later the painting still sits

On the top of their mantle 

Where their children often gaze

As it sits next to a candle 

Whenever their children ask

The story of that wonderful piece

Their parents only smile

As the rest of the world seems to cease

Now she can truly smile

For this is no longer a Fantasy 

But this is real life

Now she can truly say

No more worries no more fears

They have all disappeared 

Sadness tried to steal the show

But that was so many years ago

And they, they have been with each other every step

And they have found a friend in each other 

And he holds he close forever

And she can't imagine life with another 

She has flown into a fantasy 

That has been made her reality 

She can be the painter she wants to be

She flew with him into his fantasy



This poem is about: 
Our world


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