Love spell

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 21:37 -- Kristyn

Grinding my hips to the bass
Belly dance life
Deldictate Rose's gentle unravel within my fingers
Drying out
Time in work pays off
Dragon breath exhale the bliss high of
Smoke slowly up lifing off my red lipstick
Lasting a verse or two along
Losing my will to fight against
Natural feels
Luxury in rose petal baths for queens, goddess
Magic happens
Love in Champaign
Sweet and messy
Art in first and last dance
Detail in motion
Sensual lost again
Find me
Gentle kisses last a memory
Elevating and blending
In one breathe
Oceans and waves uniting
Elements of the beginning of time
I get to say I found you
But it's wrong
You found me
I can't complain
The detail in our hands
I'm an artist of my life
I create
Love is messy
Its raw
Pealing walls
Shading til there bare
Heart to heart beating
Speaking in it's own
Vibration of the rythm
Deal out the glass that bleeds
With heartache
Wife reminded
Knife and chopped Rose's
Into art canvas
5 star
Heart to ring bling
The woman of your dream
Dripping love shower on me
Taking my breathe away again and again
The damage you've done
I love it
Silk me in thoughts of kisses
The prize I rise
Speak into and rise up
Love drunk screaming out your name
You make me better
The wife in a nurse
Forever and today
I lay my life for
In oath I show no shame
My king
My soulmate
My muse
The full moon was the answer on the stairs
I understood what life was about
My body is a map where I sit
Stars in freckles
Always felt stuck
Really was a blessing
Glad that i stuck around
Ring the bell
Champion in a box
My smile shines around
Sweat out new curls
Feed my heart and soul
New ring new game
Live of a living fantasy
In still time signed
In a league of my own
A walking trophy wife in a lost generation
Your my hotcoco in the spring night
I am your woman

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