Stay and Fight

Don't leave.

Just don't.

Stay close to me.

Be patient and gentle,

then you'll see.

Get to know me.

I have layers upon layers

of thought spent on who I am.

There's contradictions.

There's knots and dark places.

But there's freedom and creativity within.

And so much love.

But you've got to wait.

There's no need to rush,

but give me all of your love now,

and make it last.

Hoax me out of my shell.

I have walls.

I have wisdom that gave me those walls.

You'd have to be young and foolish

to try and break them down with force

and urgency and mind games.

You've got to have skill.

You've got to have patience 

to cross the moat that surrounds my castle.

You'll have to fight off the dragon 

that guards my tallest tower,

to find the true me,

to find the princess within.

I am a princess, bold and brash,

yet afraid and kindhearted.

Charm me, my prince.

Fight for me, my warrior.

Care for me, my savior.

Rescue me, my knight.

Earn my trust, and be ever so kind

to my fragile, innocent heart,

and you will get so much more in return.

My love is smoother than silk,

and purer than gold,

more loyal than a sheepdog,

and sweeter than the flowers of any fantasy.


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