Read the Words

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 20:22 -- Myther

Read, Read

Books build the mind

English teachers and adults

pound that from day one

then they say

-wait, woah

not those books

you want to read these

not those

but you wanted me to read?

I did

I fell in love

with the words on pages

now you want to pull me away?

You told me to read

so I read and I read

but you say it's not right

I read the wrong stuff?

but it is wonderful

the magic

the mystery

the break from reality

the words that walked me out

of the deep valley-depression

these words gave me friends

gave me heroes to love

and villians to hate

I learned fear and hope

and of things bigger than myself

but no?

these words weren't right?

I fell in love with lies?

Is that what you're saying?

I read and I read

devoured those words

they are in my mind

they rebuilt my heart

wings, a tail, and an immortal soul

as real to me as the sun

I fell in love

I took your advice

my life won't be unwrapped

it is bound to these words

words have power

you must've known

when you said 'Read the words,

they're good for you'

That the words don't let go

I read the words

I have loved, and do love the words

I can't let them go

you say no good

and I say too bad!

I took on the words

at your advice

and now on your call

I cannot stop

to put away the words

I'd have to put away me

I can...maybe

...I could try?

but why?!

these words are me

they built and bandaged


I won't!

I'm not letting go!

These words are mine!

The magic, the love

it's all just for me

so sorry


I'm keeping my words

I've read them in

I can pick up your words

but I won't drop mine

I'm in love after all

my words and me


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