Dream of You

Wed, 12/20/2017 - 21:23 -- leaagli

There you are

where I could always admire from afar

See your light, Its radiant colors

Melting into the ocean waters


Here I am

Hidden in an immense world

Where your magnificent hue

Is fused within the ocean blues

A drive of excitement


Is it true to have lived a dull, silent, life

Seeing as there is nothing to strive

Until I saw you dive, deeper in depth

Your colors, a dream of luminescences

A grandeur of shows, but no one knows


Darkness that overflows, in you

Your lovey world, a kingdom of life

Slowly, riveting, spiraling in tides

Nothing but a dream that is now far away

In which you, once, use to grasp tightly


I watch, still watching, how you tumble down

Have I known that I could have helped

Nothing more would have made me delve

Into your beautiful world, your pleasant kingdom


The instruments of your heart

In sync within my own like beating drums

Suffering the undying feelings

Silently, your are left behind in the ocean;

The body of waters


Yet, I am here

Stuck in what seems

To be an endless time,

frozen in fear


Beneath the glass of blue

Living in above your vast world

While I grow old, not to outlast

The great whirl of immortality

But alas, I wake from the wishes I had made

Dreams of you in which my heart aches


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