The Unicorn-Spider

Once upon a time, queerness was considered a crime

Rainbows and queer knowledge was forbidden

However, no one saw what was coming at the time

A queer teen did not expect what was about to be given


This teen questioned their sexuality

They disliked their personality

They ignored their identity

And they lacked some serenity


While getting ready for school

They began to feel like a fool

A fool that needed to quickly sit on a stool,

because their body felt like a ghoul


They looked at their hand and saw a bite

This was no ordinary bite; it belonged to a unicorn-spider

They stayed on the stool because they thought they saw the light

As they sat and waited, they felt their eyes get wider


This teen began to sweat rainbows

They knew they gained new knowledge because their brain glowed

This new knowledge was all queer knowledge

It was something they’ll always love to acknowledge


They learned about their sexuality and their identity

This special teen came out as pangender and pansexual

Finally, they felt some serenity

They knew that their new power would be effectual


This teen used their new powers to help other scared teens

Teens that were bullied and teens that lived on the street

Teens that were confused and teens that had nothing to eat

This teen stood up to protect and defeat


Once upon a time, queerness was considered a crime

But then came along a queer teen that stood up for what was right

The power of the unicorn-spider was an obvious sublime

A sublime that gave this teen the power and knowledge to protect and fight




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