First Breath of Morning

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 17:05 -- gymzim1

Goodmorning darlin'

Sing me the story of our lives.

Look at me again the way that you did

When our eyes were new.

Let yourself go with me again

With that dazed wonder of new love.

Tell me again how it will be

As we run through each other's dreams

Finding ourselves lost in each other's arms.

And while it seems that reality would never let us have our way

Love and risk did bind together

Hand in hand to push it aside

Escorting us as we walk.

Sing me the story of our lives

So I can live it all over again.


Sing me the story of our lives

So then when I close my eyes

As the heat of this day dies

Spirits rise

(for we've stumbled back into love again)


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