Just a Fantasy

The things we could do
Just me and just you
World spinning with sin
Morals wearing thin
But it's in my head
Aloud never said
Just a fantasy
Of you and of me
All kept a secret
Nothing to regret
Just give it all now
We're okay somehow
And do not hold back
We're not keeping track
Time being wasted
Love never tasted
This sole desire
Burning like fire
Tangled together
Not caring whether
Anything will come
Just keep yourself numb
And hold to me tight
If it is not right
There's still tomorrow
No pain no sorrow
This hunger is quenched
And hands tightly clenched
New feelings arouse
All that this allows
No it isn't real
But that's no big deal
You're mine for the night
Not lovers not quite
Yet still something sweet
A tender defeat
Physical craving
A road worth paving
Painful and lusting
Fearful and trusting
This will be it now
I just know somehow
And you'll give to me
As much as can be
While I give to you
All that I hold true
Always united
Still undecided
This moment we share
Forever is there
Locked up in our hearts
Will never depart
A secret we hold
Until we grow old
Now just in my mind
For you to come find
And until that day
I guess it shall stay
Just a fantasy
Of you and of me


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