Elves of the Forrest

An elf needs a place to strive.
The enormous trees that cover the land hold so much importance for the elf, 
A helping hand.

They play and giggle with their mini arrow fights.
And guide the beauties that are our plants back to life.
Scrubbing and cleaning the flowers stay bright.
Pushing each petal and leaf from the darkness into the light.

Glowing wildly, sparkling gems.
They welcome the bees and birds to their homes,
within the branches and stems.

But without the green, air is bound.
Tightly compacted, out of reach.
Without sound a prize that is at a breach.
The elves run fast a fleeting scene,
Until they stumble upon more additional green.
They start anew with help from few.

Though the shadows come out to play,
Tall and monstrous they block each sun ray.
A paradise created now descends. 
Elves take this chance, to make a change.
Plant and plant and hope for rain.
They reach out for friends in which we are, and ask us to plant.
Unite with them, tear down the buildings that steal homes to which the poor elves fight for.

Put out a hand and help the change,
Help our beliefs all rearrange. 
Save the elves entwined within the roar,
Save them fast,
For they're at war. 



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