Tick-Tock, Clock!

Tick-tock now, hurry up and go!
The gears of this clocksmith don’t grind themselves you know.
Is your beat good? How are your hands?
Are in proper shape? I don’t like relying on the hourglass sand.
You’re in good shape, very nice.
I’ll set you to ring out in the afternoon, have you call thrice.
Ah, how beautiful you look!
So smooth and golden, you look like just the one in the book.
I could hold you all day and admire your feats.
I could place you by my head and listen to your ticking heart beats.
Such magnificent work I have made of you.
It’s good that I am a patient one, and there’s still much more to do.
I must zoom in on you to check for anything that could harm you.
Not to mention the engraving I need to give too.
Tick-tock, you say.
You talk in rhythm, my dear, poetry I say!
There, that should do for now.
Let’s test you out, no failures I will allow.
Hmm, you seem to be in perfect shape. Yes, you are fine.
Oh, your brother ticks, saying that it’s five past nine.
I will place this chain around you, ah perfect!
You are ready, time you get to redirect.
You know, being a clocksmith isn't easy.
I have to be diligent and careful with all you can see.
I have to tend to you and your brothers and sisters.
I have to focus and make sure that you are good when I give you to the misses and misters.
My own gears shift, I suppose we are partially the same.
It’s just that unlike you, this work could probably make me go insane.
Well, no matter. It’s time for a break.
I need to get up from this chair, for heaven’s sake!
Oh, my, oh my! I need to finish this rhyme.
We need to pick up our pace, look at the time!
Tick-tock, Clock
Hurry up and go!
You’re up for display, let your beauty show!


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