The Evil Queen's Song

They called me a monster,

They called me a witch. 

They called me a hypocrite, 

A bully, a snitch. 


They called her beautiful, 

A sight to be seen. 

More beautiful than any,

Even me, the queen. 


But got the last laugh!

Or so I thought. 

For death spells I did not know,

Sleeping spells I was taught. 


The apple I delivered, 

A tantalizing treat. 

She fell with a mighty thud, 

And oh! Revenge was sweet. 


And then came that cursed prince, 

Who spotted her fair face. 

She became his lovely bride, 

Decked in silk and lace. 


So here I am from the dungeon, 

Penning this warning note: 

When next you try to kill Snow White,

Throw her off a boat. 

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