avant-gard dream

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 23:16 -- ArtKid

i. harmonize
The cries of children permeate
the thick fog, enveloping
the dark, misty forest,
embracing the hills just yonder.

You are determined, but know not why.
Shrugging shoulders drag
weariness and wariness
down further towards 
the empty pit,
the center of your body.

               Let go. 
                       Move on.

ii. rhythm
Crunching leaves, branches, bones
make steady cadence
for the grim march of 
a soldier on a mission.

You approach the forest,
that beyond the treeline
lies the fears you must confront,
the objective you must reach
with your weakening, struggling

               Keep going. 
                       Keep moving.

iii. legato
Chants of a ritual, long lost, fill the air; 
a deep, musky scent of
definite ancient origins
fills the flat, open clearing.

You sight an eerie spirit,
one you are not sure whether
you should ask for aid
or dismiss outright.

                    But Hark!
                           What is this?

      A message,
             an instruction?

You know what to do.

               Go on.
                       Move on.

iv. d. c. al fine
The saltine smell of sweat
chases away the last vestiges
of your flighty, racing heartbeat.

            You are fine. 
                    You have done it.

The task is complete,
the world saved,
from a danger - a crisis -
it knew not of.


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