Imagine that

I don’t really know him
He really don’t know me,
Took time to get to know each other
slowly but gradually.

(Fantasy, can you picture us with a family)?

I wish you would have made the move before.
I can see you got a thing for me.
Not trying to be intimate, that’s far from my mind.
I just want the love I know you can give to me so genially
Respectfully, Sweetly, greatly, patiently.
Where I know you will be there and listen to me through
Sickness and through health.

This is my fantasy.

When I’m alone
RNB songs playing.
I get deep inside my feelings
Heart skips beats,
Nervous tension rises though out my body.
Face so beautiful.
Respectful ways.
Prayin for the finest days, where me and you can be as one.

I like you,
You like me
My world goes by so slowly.

Your away, doing your thing and I’m doing mine.
But once where accomplished,
Well look into reality and finally do our thing
Imagine that .

Accomplishments made
Imagine our lives together and our family seed inside.


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