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As fast as an arrow from an elf’s bow,
Onto the page, my words will flow.
From ideas, whole stories are born,
Ready to be read on an early morn’.
Writing and reading, I do adore.

Amazing worlds are created,
And hungry passions are sated.
To these worlds, one wants to return,
As most heavy readers soon learn.
Writing and reading, I do adore.

When the books are good, the fandoms come alive,
Some of them buzzing like an angry hive.
They beg for more from their favorite authors,
And are quite prepared to empty their coffers.
To write is my greatest dream.

While Doctor Who is great,
And the dearly missed Sherlock returns somewhat late,
Books on shelves, rather like eggs in a nest,
Will always be the best.
To write is my greatest dream.

From Tolkien to Pratchett,
To Harry Potter and Hatchet,
Great books often become legendary,
And the prospect of being without them is quite scary.


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