First Fantasy

My imagination is sparked with the words of a band.

I'm lacking in musical talent, but I wish to wield words!

Writing fiction, now there's an idea!

Am I good enough? Can I break this overwhelming monotony called life?

When in doubt, pen it out!

Here goes nothing...


A world is formed

My left hand gives life

My right, however, is plotting something...


Ancient prophecies foretell a war

Romantic tragedies ensue

Humans abandoned by their gods rise up

As monsters among men


A peacemaker

Hater of violence

Killed because he loved an enemy

Blessed with another life

Cursed with the ability to kill


Lovers will wage war

Light becomes darkness,

Only to outshine the grey

How does one defeat an immortal?

There has to be some way!


A freshly printed adventure emerges

At fantasy, there's no equal

A sinister smile creeps across my face

Perhaps I'll write a sequel?



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