The ability to be

What makes me feel good?

Is it the feel of someone close to me?

Or is it the perfect weather or autumn?

What makes me feel good?


Sitting by the window with a book

The wind softly whispering across my face

As I dive in

Why does a book make me feel so good?


Is it the ability to hear laughter of children?

Even when there is none?

Being able to see true love?

Even when it’s just a fantasy?


Is it the sound of metal hitting metal?

As knights duel to the very end?

Is it the sweet soft melody the sirens sing?

Or the image of the water so blue?


Is it the smell of salt water?

Feeling the sun hit my skin, hot and cold all at once?

The never ending parties?

Or even the twinkling of  fairies?


Maybe even something darker?

Like solving a mystery?

Trying to discover the killer?

Or is just the seeking of the truth?


Maybe it is just the freedom that comes with reading

The being anywhere I want to be

That is it!

That is what makes me feel good!




An escape

The ability to be anyone while remaining myself


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