The Creature of the Hudson River


As you sit there with the company of one

The creature of the Hudson River is waiting for you

The sky is clear, the clouds confess they are gone

The New York skyline shines, and sticks your eyes like glue.

But the creature of the Hudson River is waiting for you.

Bright, crispy, and fine swimming weather you say,

Only with a tank top and leggings you obtain.

You have a deep feeling inside of you,

Taunting your ways.

Without thought, or a sense of mind,

As you begin to climb the railing, the urge slowly gains.

You stand on the ledge, your toes clench to the bars.

And only you, a person alone, dive into the water.

Your vision sees stars.

The River is a muck, the water is opaque, and shivers down your spine.

Finally your sense return, your heart beats loud.

The cold feeling around you pricks you like pines.

Why did you do it? You have no clue.

But a large dark figure masses you.

Your eyes try to adjust, the New York skyline left.

You try to swim upward, but you’re too low,

The large mass swims forward in a heft.

And you finally see the monster, the waves below.

It is bigger than a ship, a tooth the size of your arm.

Long, thin teeth comes in a hundred.

Million of eyes lay on you, a haunting charm.

Scales on each side, thin as paper,

And its dangling light in front, captures your attention.

This was a mistake, why did you jump?

But then you realize, it was the creature that made you dive into the dump.

You hear voices in your mind,

Your breath shortens.

As you feel the slimy and coarse tongue slide into your ears.

You try to swim, try to breath.

But the Hudson River monster wants you to eat.

The last memory you have was the hundred teeth stabbing into your prune skin,

And the crack of your neck, it was the fin.

So a lesson to the young citizens who crowd the park,

Next time you looked into the water, find the devil mark.

A floating arm, perhaps a leg. Try to think it away,

For that thought will be your last,

As the creature of the Hudson River waits for you,

And you will be supper fast.



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