Under the Starry Night Sky

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 16:18 -- DeBrock

I’m imagining a sky,

A sky full of lust and desire,

Clouded by the very lies that resurface,

Each night in your eyes as you rise, under the starry night sky.


From your bed and into the stars,

Escaping to the outer-vastness of your self-proposed modernist reality,

The planets in their finality cross your path as you float on, and on, and on.

Conflicting your inner judgement, As you hurl yourself down towards the earth.


Saying, “Where am I going?” in a sarcastic and ironic manor,

Because you know,

You know exactly where you are going,

And it fills you with a sense of pleasure.


Whatever feels good, right?

Just do what makes you feel good,

Even when it hurts those around you,

Even when you chose to give all you had, under the starry night sky



When did your eye did catch the gleaming point of Gemini?

When did your heart burn with the flame of Mars?

Whose red undertones thus reminded you of its notoriety among those stars,

And its remarkable infamy, chasing cars up and down the interstate, under the starry night sky



At this rate, the very sky is set ‘afire inside this hollow memory once begotten,

Begotten many years ago, but then forgotten,

Forgotten by the bearer of its shame,

Forgotten, even still as if it were a game.


Like forgetting a name, one cannot be beguiled whilst the palm trees teeter,

Above the heads of a dreamer when among this land of sleep,

Sleeping soundly without making a peep,

Counting sheep, under the starry night sky.


What if it just goes on forever?

I shall ask you to tether me to your side,

So that I won’t be suddenly caught up,

Floating away under the starry night sky.



You and I will make it,

Because we dream,

Because we imagine,

Because we envision so much further beyond this place where we call home.


You and I will make it there,

Because we care for one another,

Because we are brothers,

And brothers last for a lifetime and beyond.


As we lie among the briars for a spell.

Under the starry night sky.



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Our world


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