The Castle

They say a monster lives there, a ferocious beast,

Of course no one has seen him, not in the least.

But I want to know the truth, I want to see,

So into the darkness, into the castle, I must flee.


What is it that you want to find?


It is ebon and menacing, hideous and hangs gloomily.

If its owner exists, it must be as consuming as he.

I enter brushing away fear like dust

But my confidence in self is corroded like rust


To what are you blind?


Steps echo through the halls, but they’re only my own,

There is no monster here to call this place home.

I try to find something, a clue or a hint,

And my eyes are caught by a mirror’s telltale glint.


Those who enter here will lose their kind,


I draw back the curtain and see the expected scene,

Until the mirror tints entirely green.

I feel a darkness awaking and light escaping.

My hands become talons for raking.


And become subject to a darker mind.


I am the beast now, this is my weight,

I am cursed to be freed only by a loving fate.

So I begin to spread the lie of my life,

That I was royal before this strife.


This is the spell that to a fall does bind.


She believes the lies and comes to my castle.

I pray that this will be the end of my battle.



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Our world


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