Beast Songs I



running down the side of your lips.

White eyelets

yellowed/fraying at the tips.

Loud starlets

clawing at the rim--one more sip.

Dimly lit

can you hear thunder shoving ribs?


Hushing     e c h o e s

of a gasp in between

the curves of fingers

the cracks that they breathe.


Tracing ridges

with scraping teeth

rotten as the

metal rings that cut with keys.



harmonies   wh o   o    s     h      i      n       g   with grief.

Isolated armies dead in a heap.


lungs gushing fire along.


tongues of beasts always are hung.



God, this is my favorite poem and the only one I've seriously liked on this website. It's really beautiful:)


Ahh! Thank you so much! <3

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