Storm of Sorrows


United States
47° 47' 14.0532" N, 117° 27' 52.128" W

There is winter in a faraway land
In a castle sitting on the plains
Snow whips through the air
Locking the earth in chains

The moon shines weakly
Bathing the earth in muted light
A silent guardian
Watching through the night

Smoke rises from the chimneys
A witness to what’s inside
The people are sitting near fires
A woman in white, soon to be bride

But her husband has gone away
And left her all alone
No one is left to comfort her
And her heart is heavy as stone

“Why did you have to leave!?”
She howled to the sky
“I would have gone with you”
For you I would gladly die

The woman stood and walked to the door
Her face utterly resigned
She walked out into the snow
And left this world behind


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