A Gateway

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 21:35 -- ja56

A world of intrigue, the gateway to unimaginable things,

blue speckled plums and fairies with dusted wings

foxes with three eyes

furry creatures found in the dark reaches of caves.


Walking through it all and searching for something,

a glowing flower hanging from a rocky mountain,

a sunbeam in the middle of the night,

a lit candle when the wind takes it strongest course.


Reaching a blocked path and wondering what’s next,

possibly a road with a beginning but no end,

maybe a sky with no atmosphere,

or a majestic sea with absent water.


Climbing over the obstacle and nearing the setting sun,

the individual stares ahead,

the person lifts the pen,

the human dots the letter.


Writing endlessly, never seizing,

it’s a joy and a pleasure,

it’s my dream and my passion,

it’s the thing I could never live without.


For it opens a personal universe that only the individual can discover,

A universe that’s ever changing and always growing,

It’s the shining light that thrives even in the darkest of places,

My beacon, my guide   

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