Blizzard of 68'


I staned there looking up at the Moon. 
His light shining ever so bright. 
I asked, knowing there'd be no response. 
There never was. 
Skin cold as ice, 
Hair white as snow, 
Eyes blue as glaciers. 
The hole that's growing ever so large in my chest, 
The tears barely being kept at bay... 
And that lump which never seem's to leave my throat... 
I can bearly hold it back... but why resist? 
No one would care... 
Who needs another bringer of winter and death? 
It's growing. 
I let it grow, closing my eyes not holding back. 
It burst right in my core, spreading over my entire body, 
I tried to scream but all that came out was the howling of wind that surrounded me, 
Disintegrating me bit by bit, 
Becoming one with a blizzard. 
Soon after, I came back to how I was. 
I couldn't die
That day, hope was nearly lost... 
and a life of a child gone... 
I look up again at the Moon. 
Why keep me alive with no purpose? Why do people pass through me? Why give me this power that everyone deems un-un-necessary?! 
Why?Why?Why? WHY? 
I forced down the tears, as well as the despair and anger at Man in Moon who, even after 212 years... 
Still stayed silent.. 


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