Eyes so big and beautiful. A heart so strong, yet so fragile. Your mind so brilliant, your love so enduring. Your lips, your spirit beyond alluring. Such a sweet disposition, living in a world full of confusion. There's a quiet, lonely beauty about you. It came as result of all you've been through. A wallflower slowly wilting. Let me be your sun, your water, all you need..lifting your head high, stop it from tilting. I fell in love with your potential. I fell even harder for you as an individual. You're all I need, all I desire. You've shown me what its like to set love on fire. Lets run away together, just you and me. Run away to our wildest dreams, living in our fantasy. I promise, by your side I'll always be. Let me be yours, and you be mine. Our love is eternal, withstanding the test of time. Together, we'll you I never want to say goodbye.


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