Disney After Dark: Happily Never After


Cinderelly, Cinderelly, what a beautiful girl

Made every head turn with the slightest of twirls

But now she's alone, her prince is long gone

And the once shining star is depressed and withdrawn.


Once she was shark bait, now a girl with no song

Ariel changed herself to find where she belonged

But her prince he grows tired of the unbroken silence

Wondering where went the girl of adventure and defiance.


Mulan was a hero, a warrior so strong

But eventually Shang thought her feminism wrong

A woman's place is at home, that's what he'd always been taught

And an independent woman proved more of a challenge than he thought


And Jasmine, poor Jasmine, how she married a thief

His lying and adventures caused issue beyond belief

And for the whole new world, she never could see

Why she'd made herself a home with a troubled absentee


Now Alice, dear Alice, only us two remain

And Walt knows that we both are so far from sane

Hey Alice, my Alice, won't you come out to play?

The Red Queen's been waiting and calling for days


She says it's the end now for both you and me

She'll cut off our heads for the whole world to see.

Say goodbye to the rabbit, and goodbye to your heart

For you've come back to Wonderland, where things fall apart


In this fabled perfection, happy afters are short

The quality of life all those stories distort

For love at first sight can hardly last long

And the magic by midnight is already long gone.


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