Left to Pieces

The white pawn

Forever loyal on bended knee

Sacrificed right to be free

But he fights doubts dusk till dawn


The white knight

Kindness hard to resist

But she hides the weakness

With a twisted eye


The white rook

Clever crow seeks the truth

Trying to forget his youth

But can’t predict the toll it took


The white bishop

Trails the wizard’s choices

Injustice in emerald voices

She’s drowning in rage refusing to let up


The white queen

Praise is what the crown got her

But she’d do anything for her daughter

Beware her tiger eyes of green


The white king

Her magic tricks are lies

Her legacy is jinxed to die

For the fictions she tried to sing


The black pawn

Trapped in a pit of fear

His mask hides his tears

Believing his courage is gone


The black knight

Distracts herself to conceal

The despair chasing her heels

Protecting the light inside


The black rook

Red shoes run along

For a home she longs

Unsure where to look


The black bishop

Flames and gears haunt her still

Not sure whether body or spirit will

Be unable to fix up


The black queen

She can be a beast or gentle

But is doomed to lie in black petals

Couldn’t outrun what she couldn’t leave


The black king

Let his heart take him down

Paths of lost, laughs, and crowns

Now to a baby love is what his heart will bring


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Our world
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