Dragons Are No Beasts


… The storm was that of the great beasts.

They had once more come to the island of the majestic.

Seeing that their chance was wrought with peril

the hero of our tale steps forward as the youngest

an age of twelve in the beast’s years.

Weapons of steel and bone

collide when that of the storm arrives.

Lightning and thunder clashed and fire rages.

The beasts breathed poisonous gas

as their own kind fell as did ours.

With claws as sharp as ice and terrible beasts

cut time and time again with no sign of


Seeing there was no escape,

Valient Gradphilen took to the sky

Swooping down, Gradphilen slashed

catching the beast by the back and tearing him into


As he recounts the story, none of the younger believe

and claim it all to be lies.

How he, Gradphilen slew those beasts of myth and legend.

With wings, fire breath and steel claws

the beast had charged him, yet never still to be seen from that very day.

None believing his strength and his honor,

our hero, the valient Gradphilen

took to the skies for the second time in his life.


Gradphilen was never to be seen for over a millenium

and this great dragon was washed into the void and blackness

of ash and the veil of life and death…

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