Dreams revolve around my life
Like a kite sailing in the wind
Its crazy to think about flying
So I float on heels of my pillow
To the Arabian peninsula
And thick forest of Amazon
Cloak in snows of frosty Moscow
Buried in desert storms of Sahara
Trying to escape Kilimanjaro
Blow out its hot through
The Great Wall Of China
I'm trying to scribble down my dreams
With blotting ink on a paper piece
And my mind shrivel in to word games
Like I'm playing the Russian roulette
Dear God I want to fly over
The Statue Of Liberty in US
Want to see Tajmahal beyond pictures
Spend good time in Eiffel Tower
Feel the warm of Las Vegas sun
Dreams to fly spread over my head
The way archaeologists explore artifacts
On Sphinx Of Pyramid Of Giza
I dine and feast on my thoughts
Like a hungry tycoon in Burj-al-arab
I'd love to hear how the doves cry
Mixed with freshness of London seasons
Its crazy to dream on a paper sheet
What if I blow life in to them
And fly on the wings of my dreams
When would my feet finally hits the ground
And who is going to come with me
Fly oh come fly
I beckon to you
With arms spread wide open
Skirt through the clouds
Taking me on a World tour
To the places I dreamt of
©Nature Boy

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Our world


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