Sitting under a starry sky with a fallen tree giving comfort, I watch the jet black sky as the stars come in one by one. A peaceful breeze aids the falling stars that cross the sky. The leaves rustle nearby, holding off the silence of the inevitable night. Blinking stars stare back at me while I smile at them. Like they were questioning me, I whisper under my calm breath, "It's been a while, a long while since I last came to see the peace of night." Letting my leg dangle off the fallen tree, the calm night winds brushing against it, I was relaxed sitting atop the chair nature left me. Watching the fleeting, falling stars zip through the skies, I wondered how many wishes I'd be able to make. It was a busy night, but I had time to just wait without a word said. They say that every star that falls holds a wish for those that want it. "No wish can save this old fool. That wish is better saved for someone who needs it." I said with a calm, gentle laugh. The stars still passed by, like they were tempting me with their celestial purpose. I knew not to wish, for wishes meant nothing in the world I was in. Every mistake I've made could never be fixed and every star of the night knew it. A sympathy and comfort of the stars was all I needed to move on. I watched them with admiration and adoration, glad that maybe someday, those fleeting stars above could change the life of someone who needed it most. "My time is up, my hopes are gone. My wishes are spent and my life is gone. Yet why do you still watch over me fair stars? Why is it you never drift far?" I questioned with a wispy breath. No response ever came, my mind filling every blank the best it could. I've drifted far to watch something so near, like seeking a long lost dream. The moments of my life passed me by as fast as the shooting stars did. In the presence of the night's worn guardians, time felt slow as could be. The breeze wafted through again, like it whispered in my ear, "Take your time, child. Reflect and refract, take in to let out." Still watching and waiting, I thought long and hard about just why I was out and about, watching a starry sky like I was a young child again. Like a fallen angel, I've been looking for reasons, for my cause and my effect, wondering where my life will take me next. I was lost, lost under the wide, wide world in a search for someone to be. A wish was spent when I was young for life to take me somewhere where I would matter. And now that I'm older and wiser, I see just where life took me. I hoped and hoped that one day I'd be in a better place, but now that time has told it's tale, I see just where I am. Seeking guidance yet again from my friends high in the midnight sky. I've made my mistakes of seeking hope that was still a dream in my mind. Maybe I was foolish, or maybe I was afraid. Wishing for something that I myself could hold onto as well as I could see the night and day. Guided by a dream I didn't know was in me. Little did I know, my dreams and hopes were as abundant as the changing stars above. Every hope and every reason was but another dream hidden in the mind. I might've been too far in the clouds, or maybe I was grounded too much to soar. But with a shining light from a moonless sky tells me just what I should've known many a year ago. Everything I could ever want is still inside, still waiting for me to find it in my heart and soul. Just as the night turns to day, I see just where the starlight shed it's light down to guide me. The sun was still far off in the tranquil horizon, but it was there, just like the hopes and dreams still buried deep within me. The last star fell without a sound, as silent as I was. Something deep within told me that it wanted me to make another wish. I left it with a smile, letting it shoot off far beyond the forest's edge that surrounded me and the tree I still rested upon. For in this world, a wish may take you far or leave you with questions. But in this world, a cold harsh world, all it takes is a dream to take you as far as you need to. And only you can see that dream, only you can realize every hope that's deep in your heart. Hopping down from nature's peaceful seat, I began my long journey home. The stars that watched and listened to me for so long slowly faded to sleep. "A wish to save for another life, and a dream inside that'll never fade, I'd gladly give away a wish, but a dream is something I'll never trade..."


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