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Angwan Hausawa Tudun Wada Jos,Plateau State Nigeria I'm an upcoming writer hail from Jos, Plateau State Plateau State Nigeria. I'm a 500 level student nurse from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria. I love reading, writing, watching movies or listening to great music.
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I have so many stories to tell
Are you about ready to
Trade those places with me
A long visit to where my
My stories greatly entails
When you open every chapter
To what my story unfurl
Save your tears for another day
Coz my emotions are raw
And my stories are enough
To strike and cut you deep
Till you begin to shift your ground
I want you to see me
In a completely different way
Love me for what my heart hold
I got some stories for you
Want to see sparkles in your eyes
Unravel your bundle of joy
I wish you the very best of luck
With your read between the lines
Treading my soul on every page
But my stories never seem to end
I have stories on my mind
This is not going to end badly
With tears of hurt and pain
This should be enough to take us
To meet our happy hour time
Story of us should be written
In the history of time
Story of us should be able to
Thread the needle in gold lines
With perfect rhythm and rhymes
I should be ready to write that story
When we finally learn
On how to live with love
What do we do with it
Our lives are better to be
Meet with our happy ending
I have a little secret
I'm a Rockstar
©Nature Boy

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My family


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