Castle Floors

Soft lips,

Soft hair.

Gentle eyes,

Gentle stare.

The tug of his smiles, which I saw only few;

The drips down my face now common as morning dew.

I long for one's fingertips to brush my own,

Yet here I reside, on the castle floors, still all alone.

I'm not desperate, I long only for one;

My heart stays loyal to him while he stays loyal to none.

He must see me, acknowledge me, and knows that I'm here,

Though remain as I will as nothing dear.


A shoe left behind as I tripped in my love;

It never came back, it was never again heard of.

When midnight struck, my gown withered away,

To the raggy clothing I wore every other day.

Did the truth hit him? Or did he see betrayal?

I couldn't fathom or know, maybe something had been fatal.

I lie in my worry, washing in silence.

I debate if it's worthy to even wait for his guidance.

Maybe here I shall stay, my family and I.

Maybe here I shall stay, until the day I die.


Days on days pass without so much as his glance,

No prince in sight, no love or romance.

My work remains, no different than before,

And so here I stay, on those castle floors.


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