Lieu and Faei

There stood a little girl,
Upon her royal parent's balcony,
Watching not her parents but an earl.
The earl was young and handsome unlike the others.
She then watched her parents wave to their people.
She turned back to the earl to find he had offered her a slice of cake.
"Here little princess, your favorite,
Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake."
She gazed in awe at the man and gave him her bracelet.
"Take it sir..It is my token to you." 
The earl smiled and gladly accepted it.
"What an honor little princess. I shall keep it Princess Lieu."
The little princess was quite happy and hugged the man.
The king and queen had watched,
Their princess who was thirteen
Would marry the earl when the right time came.
They smiled and nodded in approval.
The time came when the princess was old enough to marry the earl.
It had only been two years after the meeting,
And the earl and princess grew very close.
They loved each other very dearly. 
Lieu came to know the earl as Faei.


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