A New Place

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 14:54 -- syntax

I push back the clothes in my closet, trying to find a wall – hoping that I don’t.

I hope another world exists back there

Maybe better than our own

Narnia or Never-Never land or any other land I wish

That any of these would exist at my fingertips

Perhaps the attic holds the key

And that is where I might find

Another world of fantasy

Where dragons and fairies do exist

Where beanstalks grow into the clouds

And in the sky a phoenix soars

Bringing a message to Dumbledore

If I gave away all my candy

If I was a good little girl

Do you think they would let me in?

Into that other world?

Would there be sugarplums, marshmallows

And “peppermint canes - with stripings of yellow and gold”?

Would the nutcracker dance with me

There would be giants and ogres and dwarves

And knights with gleaming swords

And princesses in distress

Rapunzel would throw out her hair, and let me come up to play

Oh how I hope

There’s a world back there

Behind my fingertips

Behind the coats and shirts, behind the broken door

Oh how I hope they’ll let me in

So my adventure can begin


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