Going Back

'Dye your hair, change your name,

Get a job and play their game.

Learn to drive, get a degree.

If you're kicked from the cage, are you truly free?

Don't talk too much, don't be so shy,

Settle down in life, you're too big to cry.'

These words like stones are thrown at me

Leaving grown up bruises that they cannot see.

They force me to change, who I am is not okay.

So focused on my future, they are missing my today.

I wanted to change, but it all went way to fast.

Now the change I want, is to go back to my past.

Peter Pan had it right, when he up and flew away.

I miss the lost boys of my childhood and I miss yesterday.

Where has my faith gone in that second star off to the right?

My childhood belief in magic and monsters in the night?

You had to grow up and you lost your spark

So please let me change back, back to a child's heart.

My Neverland is not lost, simply packed up high

If you got to bring yours back, wouldn't it be worth a try?

I might not change the world, like you want me to,

But I'm going back to happiness, and I'm inviting you.



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