'I am... Scholarship Slam 2015

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They didn't see that she had been lying to them until they were stuck in room 313, waiting for the doctor to come in an examine her. It was only supposed to be a check up, but she knew this was about to become more.
Sorry A five letter word Used when necessary in situations Used when it is not even needed I am sorry for always saying sorry I’m sorry for thinking everything is my fault
I am not African.I am not Black.I am not Caucasian,Hispanic, Filipino, or Asian.I am not a Melting Pot,but I have surely been influenced by - I am not a NegroNor am I a Niggerand don't say "Nigga, please"or start any conversation with"What's up, m
Everything was foggy and I was breathless with the thought of the corners of the room haunting my existence with a smile. The shutters shuddered with sadness and I could relate all too much,
Who am I? Why I am you, My only tie, Is through you too.   I'm your mind, Your way of life, With the thoughts I give you, you'll unwind.   I keep you here,
I am more than the average black girl. Unusual. More than what politicians define. The best triple threat singing, dancing, actress the world will ever see. Lyrics in multiple different ways
I am not simple, although I wish to be. And not have a world of worries that are tangled up inside my chest.   I am not simple, Although I may appear be.   I smile I laugh
I have been born, I have walked,I have talked, I have four brothers, I have smilied, I have achieved I have cried, I have been hurt, I have laughed   I have been skiing,I have been riding, I have been playing
I'm creeping, crawling, though hardly seeing; I'm sleeping, sprawling, though barely being; I'm leaping, falling, though always freeing; I'm just me, why can't you see?  
  I am a disaster, But also a dream, I am a broken hearted girl that has felt the pain and loss of losing someone.   I am a loser, Last to be picked and forgotten easily,
I am an introvert. I enjoy listening to movie scores. I love Macaroni and Cheese. I am relaxed when doing chores. I am a film and musical theater lover. I am a Freshman in college. I have many dreams,
I am an introvert. I enjoy listening to movie scores. I love Macaroni and Cheese. I am relaxed when doing chores. I am a film and musical theater lover. I am a Freshman in college. I have many dreams,
Who hasn’t been tempted by the sharp edge of a knife?An ordinary knife cutting ordinary tomatoes onan ordinary slab of wood on an ordinary Wednesday.The knife nicks, like a bite to the soul. A reminder
I am beautiful dancing across the stage flawless stealing your heart broken I am broken pink tights hide bandaid's bandaid's hide scars scars scars from cuts across my hips
The one who should have the answers, The one who should know everything. That's the life of number one, That's my life. Pressure kills me faster and faster,
I travel through an endless song, Through the abstract sound waves That have tracked me down, leaving me kneeling To a powerful God, who has taught me how to un-tie asphalt knots
Alone, when I’m completely alone. Darkness, in total, compete blackness. Times like these, silence is at its finest. Wanderlust will take hold of the mind. The grip is strong, desire unbreakable.
I am the disconnect between my people.  In between the guterral words spoken from the chest and articulations that are outlined by exaggerated hands.  is where my voice is trapped. I am the Filipina 
Who knew the boxes we were playing in as children would soon turn into social prisons. Stuck behind the cardboard bars of “weird-o” and “crazy” wasn’t as fun without Barbie dolls.
Walking down Bryn Mawr, it doesn’t even matter if it’s late at night, the cat calls echo off dents in vans,
I am more than just me More than what you see I am a testament to faith I am the wind in the air, moving trees with eaze. I am the "whoo" from the owl on a winter's eve  all hear but none see.
I am defined by Media,  Facebook,  Instagram,  Tweeter,  The news.  Defined by videos and man made pictures.  I am defined by people who think they know of me, I am defined by terror, 
"Define yourself." Define. Yourself. As i try to grasp those words, I can't quite make them out. Everyone wants to know who you are or where you've been, You ask who I am. How would I define myself. 
The one who causes the problems; the black sheep, the outsider.
My mind is defined in a number line My body unacceptable since age nine 4.0 GPA, you'll be fine One of three, no room to whine Sixteen years supine A few integers left,  I opine
In a complex sense,  life is an entangled novel of occurrences. Each day is a catalyst towards another undefinable aspect, and because I am still so young, I have only leafed through my pages up to the preface,
I let myself fall Not so I can stand up again, But so I can stay down Down and depressed I am my worst enemy I make myself believe terrible things
I Am One of the Last I am herbal remedies smoldering in a cast iron cauldron Late on an Autumn night Mulling spices and salted pumpkin seeds Strewn across a slate table 
Sweet introspection, incandescent I am- I am introspection. A wandering state of mind; tripping through the world, my scraped knee draws blood
You asked me who I am But still I do not know Although much change Has summoned over me I still crave the need to grow My past may still casts shadows Attempting to silence my cry for relief 
You can't define me with just one look. I can't be read like an open book. I am so much more then what you see. I am not what you think. I am just me. I am humble, caring
Paper crumpled too many times. Smoothed out, but still left with scars. Screams like the howl of the wind, Tears like the pouring of the rain.
I am from running shoes from adidas and saucony I am from the suburbs (quiet,lonely, it sounded so isolated) I am from the hibiscus the stem before it waiting to find its purpose in life.
Independence is. Independence is finding a place. Independence, is losing hold of what reality existed before. You’re hiding inside a tight locked case. And why? Because you want more. More approval,
Here’s what I deserveI deserve someone who will tell me I’m beautifulI deserve someone who constantly shows me how special I am compared to everyone else 
I Am One I am one who wonders what a dad is like Even though mine is still alive I am one who scares easier than most Though I love the rush  
I am kind Years of putdowns and slanders put invisible cuts where they would not heal Broken skin will mend again, but does the heart so easily? Although I do not care to trust again another with my plights
Me, I don't know what to call myselfI've heard plenty of ideasIndependent, crazy, smart, talkative   I am a seventeen year old girlI'm a girl with a history full of ups and downsI'm a girl with a family who's been pushed to the limitsI'm a girl wh
If I could, I would Turn my seven-year-old self around And tell her to Fight: Fight him off.
I am.....Sorry I am unorganized, all over my room papers flyI am a freckled, intellectual,
I am Caitlin. C-A-I-T-L-I-N. It’s the traditional Irish spelling. No one can spell my name. They throw in a K, a Y, and E’s galore. And it’s always the same and they never are sure and my name is not there.  
I am a statistic A young adult with a voice and no father to listen I am sweet and fine and so divine ha, my personality it’s hard for you to miss it but I am what I am which is a statistic,
I am: a reader, a writer, an observer, a dreamer, a life-liver.   I am: not defined by numbers nor by words others speak of me, but instead by the actions I take,
I am millions of miles away… Watching past seeing, Speaking past saying, Laughing past feeling, —While still standing here.  
I am ugly, worthless, and dumb. I am constantly ridiculed and mocked. I will never be enough for them. I go to high school.
I am what I am. My name is not Sam. I am someone who seeks love in this world that is constantly flowing. The past is what I am made up of, and the future is what keeps me going.  
I am the girl who never seemed to be alone in the halls I am the stranger with the goofy smile that you remember in your freshman class
I am. I am black radiance, a reflection of the sun, It feeds on luminosity; I am the chosen one. I am peaceful fire, percieved to destroy, Instead I present to you, joy; I aspire.
Immortal   I am immortal They who see me cannot understand, but they can witness They see me walking in the hallway like you would see a ghost in the dark
I am the loving three year old, holding mommy’s hand. Sometimes I see her cry at night, but I don’t understand.  
I am: not poetry. I am a perfect example—quintessential Textbook sample Cookie-cutter Traditional Playing it safe Following the rules Forgetting to take risks Doing exactly what I am told
The shards of my heart, slowly shredding the skin that touched hers and caressed hers.   The countless letters,
Let me tell you a story, about Sisyphus the Greek Once cursed to Hades, where the black winged demons shriek Where the hellfire’s climb higher and the sanity wanes Where love vacates you heart and blood vacates your veins
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
Click. My room is a photo album of the bricks that form the walls of my body, Each a Kodak moment of my life. The walls are painted gray,
Praise— Hosanna— Hallelujah— For the spine that never healed and the legs that never crossed. The hands that never hit and the ears that heard His word.   Praise— Hosanna—
What is your ethnicity? I'm Hmong. Mongolia? No Hmong. Miao Tzu. Hill tribe of China.
They say that I am lost They say it is confusion  They say I need God 'Cause I'm living a delusion    They say one man, one woman  For that's what God intended  I'll burn in hell for this 
I'm as hallow as the emotions I drown myself in.
Pull me back to sea, Choking on chards of glass. Sometimes my reflection isn't who i want to be.
I am stronger than the words that make my heart bleed I am stronger than the people who tear me down just for the color of my skin I am stronger than the label placed upon my race
I strive, I stride I set the pace, I run this race, Running, running. I drink the air, I find myself; I am dust. I am a child of God. I am bold. I am strong. I am savoring the run. Running, running.
I am... Waldo.   The spec in the crowd that no one notices I blend like a chameleon I don't want to be found.   Don't run your fingers over the book of my life you search me as if
I am a writer. Painting scenes in a reader’s mind Using a pen instead of a brush. The click clack of a keyboard Is stuck in my head
               I am not my past I am not my past                 Neither am I my mistakes. I am not the scars on my arms,             Or the mascara stains on my pillow.
I am stressed and tired. I wnder what will happento me when i reach the end. I hear thngs will getetter if i just keep on continuing. I see my road getting clearer each day.
I am a daughter A sister A girlfriend A friend   I am not perfect I have flaws Though I hide them, They still exist.   Behind the smiles and laughs
I am changed. Molded by coincidence, And motivated by pain. Living a life plagued with disease, Struggle and pain tempts to bring me to my knees.   I am perseverant  For through my pain,
I am a Christian. I am a Daughter of a deceased father. I am a Sister of a recovering addict. I am the One who self harmed. I am the One from the Bible Belt Community with two moms.
I AM  I am sunshine with a glimmer of mischief in her eye. I am powerful yet sweet at the same time. I am a bird waiting to spread my wings, but still afraid to leave the nest. I am talented,
I am a woman of contradictions, Some simple, some strange. And though sometimes tiring, I doubt I’ll ever change. ________________________
Davis #1277789   I am the evidence of my mother and father’s procreation On st valentine's day.
As the wind gently pulls the wisps of my hair I feel like a dandelion seed - floating in mid-air Among all the other dreams and wishes being blown about I feel a little lost, a little lonely, and full of doubt
Where I’m From I am from the dirt roads of Mexico Walking to endless destinations I am from the singing of old voices And the gift of cookies and soda For my birthday  
I was the kid who was stuck in the shadows Left and right, others went and did nothing with me, just step on me and ignoring my existence Comedy is not my forte
I am made of tiny balls of this and that. I have social anxiety that controls most of my life. Everywhere I go, I’m shaking either from excitement or fear. The music I love soothes my soul and sets those balls of energy free.
I Am The Sunshine That Takes Over The Hearts Of Many But The Cause Of Tears Within . I Am The The Reasoning Behind Other Greatness And Also My Own Demise. I Am The Cause Of Others Happiness And The Cause Of My Own Failure.
My thoughts are all tangled up They’re hopelessly intertwined There is no hope to ever find me When I’ve lost in these ties   I worry I’ll never learn the things torturing my mind  
As a fawn in life The world seemed filled with good Everything is something everyone could Ever since 5 I dreamed of being a man’s wife, Then life became more real As I grew more old
What am I? I am a Ruin, Crumbled by yesterday's wear, Fortified by tomorrow's prospect, I am more than the rubble, I am a shelter, I house those who enter with solidity and warmth,
I am who I am, through the good and the bad, I've learned to survive, and how to strive in life.   It's not easy, But we have to try, Keep on fighting, Until we die.  
Lesson number one: When you multiply two positives, the outcome is positive. When you multiply two negatives, the outcome is still positive.
The world is a circus            and houses attractions, attendees. Amid it all, I am merely a house of mirrors.            yet I draw interest with ease
I am a humid emerald forest where the rain never ceases to sheet down. The streets smell of thick damp dirt. We would dance in the spray as Multnomah Falls thunders down.
I am  4 years old, spinning round and round in an empty room. Laughter resonates off the crisp blue walls of my new room. Life seems full of joy, wonder, and potential.  
Who am i ? To this day I still don't know how to answer this  Born and raised in queens New York however African by blood  My whole life I've been trying to find myself in this confusing world
I am made of passion and dreams and butterfly kisses. My heart has been put together with pursued dreams. Unfulfilled plans. And everything in between. There is a Pacific Northwest sunrise in my soul.
Paper folds when you bend it a certain way. Its rips with a twitch and crinkles under pressure.                                        Flung away by a gust of air, It   f r a g m e n t s   by droplets and singes by flames.
I am José… with an é 
Dear my eleven year old self, Today you were alone again during break, some days you don't mind,                today you do.
I Am… Marlboro Light I’ve always hated the way her blood red lips stained the pure white jacket of a Marlboro Light. I always feared the day her lips would stain them one last time,
A simple disclaimer I put forth now That what I say is me Identity forevermore Another thing to say Is that this may be askew Poetic meter never trained My heart to hand speak through
We sat. That was all. Our backs against the wall, the night around us. Behind us were the careless, in front the carefree.  
I am a man with a thousand problems and these problems are without solution Yet as i struggle to remain solemn I am unable to find resolution
by the protest of the now backwards   an answer could not come after the question. Nothing   to be recognized,
I found an old picture yesterday. It was of me and my dad, taken from behind as we sat on a rock, like the kings of the mountain.   I think I was eight then,
As we rise,                   so shall we fall-                   those who go down to the sea                             in ships that never return. What is the physicality of their fear? does it linger
Under a great weight as the walls collapse around. The more I push the more they surround; throwing me to the ground. I fight it, reality, but it’s creeping ever closer
I am loyal. My love for her knows no bounds. We speak every day, all day since the day we met. I look to her only for she is all I need. She is my best friend and the love of my life. I am loyal to her.
What am I? A nameless, faceless, mindless sponge absorbing each experience as it comes.
Looking into the eyes of little me I see the spark of life. Experimenting with paper and marks, in perfect solidarity. in chorus they would chant, "She's a tiny Monet, A real prodigy that one is."
   They tell me I'm not good enough. That I am not worthy of success. They say I will never be able to do it, and put my dreams to rest.
Enjoyable. The lessons that I learned. The hard work ships are something that I affirmed. The unbearable pain makes me get what I deserve.
  I am the undefined creature Nobody truly knows A stranger in the shadows A mysterious soul So many long to know me They try to understand I only let a few in
I’m not one of those teens. You know, the social media starlets Who are the epitomes of “perfection.” The ones who post Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever, Hashtag selfie, hashtag fleek, and hashtag teen life
I am an artist. My hands are the creators. I paint what I want people to feel what I felt at that moment. I am the creator of emotion, with my fingertips I am the mini god in my vast hidden universe.
Should I, should I, accept the change in me? Resist improvement sighted by others? Drink from divine waters, shine like marquees? But the waters are unsightly buffers!
Everyone wants to be Humble, Unique, Intelligent I Don't Basic tendencies don't reside here. I refuse to be mediocre. I define myself, not words or people.
I am a rose bush with perfectly shaped red roses. My petals are soft with youth as I have just blossomed from the bud of my childhood. I smile in the golden sunlight, stretch my leaves to soak it all in.
My entire life There's been a ghost following me The ghost of a child That I used to be   The ghost of a fool Naive and unaware
I shouldn't quit Now I know I am selfless But that doesn't matter I question my self-worth I was never good enough Never in a million years would I have thought I am a bigger person
I am... Me I am more than I could ever believe I am more than anyone could ever want to be I am... unique Not because of this mane  Not because of this speech Not because of this attitude
I'm not a pretty face, 
I stand alone  A lone I am The first of three Expected to be happy But they don't know the tears I shed When all turn their head Sister sees me as a role model How am I so subtle 
The One and Only   Every night, I lie awake in my bed, I can’t sleep, a flurry of thoughts plaguing my mind, Sometimes I smile as I recount the hours I spent, Sometimes I weep in shame of my actions,
After a particularly violent storm, a group of people surround a large tree that may not withstand another.   The arborist examines the scarred bark, rubs the orange leaves between the thumb and forefinger
I am a seventeen year old girl who is as happy as can be, yet so lost and sprinting back down the well worn mountain path.
Glittering pearl,    just a little farther, just a little farther, just a little farther.   The blue water is cold; the pressure, it is enormous.  
I am the man, you call your son. I am the one you call your own. However, I am caged at home.   You do not let me free. In chains, I try to flee. You do not understand the damage you are doing to me.
What Shaped Me   I am a product of peculiar belief Once ashamed but now astonished With the setting of a bedroom The bedroom I call home For it was my own, I was born
Being tired is no longer just an emotion to me. It's the only constant my mind has ever known and the only stability my heart has ever witnessed. With endless days and swiftly passing nights, sleep is no longer a safe haven.
I am.... its a sentence that can mean anything I am... ready to achieve all goals I made I am... ready to face all the troubles of life I am... ready to succeed.
Defining yourself should be simple.   For example,   I’m 17. Five foot two. American. Brown eyes and hair too.   I’m smart, All As and one B.
Polish and Spanish Nowi Światy; New Worlds Juntos; Together
I ama former wife I ama want-to-be mother I aman abuse survivor I amaballofanxiety I amdepressedhappystressed
I am from my own expectations. I am from dedication and hard work. I am from hours of work in the gym. I am from the early mornings and the late nights.
I am a leaf.  Ever changing against the evergreens. The cycles of life begin and end with me.  Signs of change are only seen by my fall; But more importantly, My rise Once again 
  Everything that makes me. Everything that people see. Everything that people don’t . Is what makes me the person I am People can spit
I am a Poet. I create because it's who I am and who I am is what I'll create. What my hands lack in craft I make up for with my mouth as I spin large skeins of words and knit together  a poem.
 <p>I stand up<p><p>Getting out of the dirty wrinkled T-shirt<p>Getting away from those twisted, freezing cold bars in front of me.<p><p>There I go again--I tell myself<p> Who am I?Not this lazy baggy bear
Who is this body? Why is this body? What can this body be? Is it weak? Infantile? Is this body even me?   I am not my own.  I live - for everybody else. I love - for everybody else.
I was strugglingI was TiredOf everythingI was thinkingAnd hopingAnd then I was changingI was growingI was thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd thinkingAnd now
I am in high school I am tall I am caring I am popular I am athletic But is that what I want to be?
She isn't just a girl. Just the shape of a girl. Made from the pages of books woven together. Filled to the brim with wonder and the insatiable need to create. Written on her arms are words of encouragement, so her embrace may share comfort.
  Under everything I am human I was put here to love Regardless of the color of my skin Or who I choose to love   My skin may be too black to fit in with the whites
Without you I feel broke, Like I'm half of a whole Without you, I feel lost Like a ship in a storm You are a part of me You run through my veins
I'm a cold winter's breeze Bringing you to your knees I'm the ice cold rain  Seeping into your brain I'm the boiling water making you heated I'm still just a daughter  But I am never defeated
Seedlings of delight stem in the growing branches of his curiosity. His eyes carefully trace the edges of the world, Stenciling out the beaming rays of sunshine
I am a simple girl who loves with everything she is. I wonder what I, and the world, will be like in the year 2030. I hear silence pulsing in the middle of the night. I see a creature fly up to the sky.
I look around the world and see the people passing by Absorbed in my own thoughts, I never wonder why They're here Or where they've been Or how they feel today.   But then I think, and care too much
Cruelty, laughter, misunderstood, Maybe they'd just go away if they could. Teasing, taunting, going too far, Your humor tends to leave a scar. Trying to be cool by humiliating others, You look like a fool, and you've yet to discover, That there's
The storm comes late at night It creeps into my sheets and watches me sleep But i wont let it hurt me or wash me away I am strong and it wont get its way It rained for two years My Body, My Temple, My Shrine
My name means healing But I wonder if she knew that From the life she lived I thought that maybe my name signified Destruction Pandemonium Chaos     That I was bastard personified
Life has purpose We may not know it  But as Humans we try to figure it out I mean How hard can it be? Right Well let me tell you something You know those friends that you cherish
I live in a world filled with billions of other beings. Yet, it is only the beginning to living the life of importance, of opportunity, of individuality. I am only one spirit in this universe,
I fight writer’s block, Shakespeare and Steinbeck taunt me from inside musty books. My retinas burn watching the candle flame dance exotically, flooding my room with lavender fragrance.  
I am a combination of two histories  One makes me who I am The other shapes who I'll be Both make me the kind of Zuni I am today   I look to the past with longing and despair Trying to understand why 
I am reckless, I am uncautious I am limitless, no where near flawless I am just one of them. Just one of those no-good kids Who hang in alleyways in their beat up kicks I am a generation of self-destruction
I am football running the ball down the field helps me release my soul.
Since you said so, i have been below you. And since time has yet to heal my wounds, i would like you to see, what you have done to me. This heart holds true, that no matter what you did to me,
Girl(n): a young or relatively young woman I am young, comparatively My eyes are not yet wrinkled at the edges My bones are not yet weary
I am the sailboat amid the treacherous storm, The damsel in distress, her shoulder bore. The whirling winds wrecking ships, I am the body washing up on shore.
Through the course of reality, We develop individuality. Shaped by circumstance old and new, We are asked, “Who are you?” Who are you and who am I? Changing in the blink of an eye,
A ghostly past weeps behind her, with open eyes of the future beyond her. A girl with black flowing hair stands near, staring at her future out of fear. Suddenly a ghost smile appears on her lips,
My mother told me to be myself  and I tried to until the halo above my head got caught around my neck; I’ve been told that good things come in threes  which is how many dozens of times she forced me to go to church 
I am inquisitive  Always asking, constantly questioning Why does that, who is he To understand all is what I crave Read this, listen to that Read more Read again How can I know all the answers
One day you're born, it's five in the morn, you're screaming, yelling, kicking and screaming. Not aware, you take a blink you're 5 and reaching for the sink. you like fun things,
   Lets say theres a little girl she use to be the shyest girl who wondered about the world, .and explore the meaning of this so called life!
My hands are as black as the shadows of the trees at night, yet the blood that runs through my veins is the same as my friend’s who is white. I chew the words of advocacy for my race like a spoiled dinner-
Pale white skin at each wax and wane, at each curvature, Shadows and craters and lines etched along the surface, Effervescence effortlessly embodied empirically, Majestically, Femininely,
i am... Martinaé Patton. i am... The woman that has made mistakes, the woman that has what it takes to change the world. i am Trayvon Martin or could've been, but God let me live.
I am not to be judged based off of the amount of melanin that my skin possesses or lacks I am strong, I am fierce I am not to be isolated based off of the amount of knowledge that my brain holds captive
     The Statue in the Mirror was a person long ago, She used to dance in foggy fields in rain that turned to snow, Her hair was burning auburn in the sun that set for night,
I am 16 years strong and out to conquer the world. I am the child of dreams and high expectations, the sister of excellence and the grandchild of elegance. I am the descendent of struggle but the successor of oppression. I refuse to fail.
They say we get better with age like a fine wine, we grow more divine I have learned to control the stage From the age of four, I've wanted nothing more Nothing more than to take a mind
I am “ethnic” Too dark for one group Too light for the other Not proper enough to be heard But too proper to speak in terms of "the brother" Naturally born with characteristics others pay thousands for 
I only know the kid I was, from days that past and photos taken Remember my nightmares and dreams forsaken I look ahead and find memories cloudy Try to forget and get in trouble for being way too rowdy?
Flesh, blood, and bones Raised in multiple well-to-do homes Traveled across various states Excited to see what awaits Struggled to fit in certain places But others had friendly faces
I am someone who loves the idea of love Some may call me a hopeless romantic While others may be shocked that with my bruised heart I still have hope Although they dont understand thats why I love that feeling
I told her  of my fears  inside the peel  of the fruit.  The first of her  fickle love  stapled rubies  on my sheets. In darkness,  finding monsters, 
I am...still the same girl, with the same goals. I am...proud to be the person my family has raised me to be. I am..somebody with faults and insecurities. I am...a strong woman when I'm not completely breaking down.
I Am I am from Neville and Kristen. From Bary and Maureen and Joan Who taught me the importance of kindness and the meaning of love.   
I am the girl who sat in the corner. I am the girl who had few friends. I am the girl who was bullied Because I couldn't talk like everybody, Although I wanted to talk like everybody,
How many times have I tried To find the meaning of me? Not the reason for my existence But who I am personally   It seems that I’m never One or the other Not like my dad
I am from the sweet grape leaves Growing in the backyard. I am from the view of a tall oak tree Sitting in the park.
I am a masterpiece that had too many artists try to define me I am not the critique each own gave me  I am a masterpiece even when I have no one admiring me  I am a masterpiece even when there are people critisizing me 
It was a sunny day, when she told me the ugly truth,  she said she was done, she didn't love me no more,  and if I'm being honest I never did.   She told me it was raining, I didn't believe her,
I am the fat kid. The frizzy haired, Loud mouthed Fat kid. I am the one People pretend not To notice.
        Radiant, Passinate,Loyal.      Words only a few know, words that only to a few I show.     Most would call me cold-hearted, most know me as reserverd.
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
Confused and Scared  Feeling alone like no one is home I am hurt because I thought you cared I call hope hoping you'll pick up the phone  but you never do  I will get past you
I am a lover of communication, But I am fearful of how it may seem. I am a fan of old fashioned oration, These things are important to me.  
Past Reflections   I look in the mirror That I call memory And look at the things That helped me define Who I really am
I have been told a lot of things over the years, I’ve been described in many ways, and I have described others faultlessly when asked and yet
I am strong, Because I got up when I fell. I am strong, Because I pushed myself one step further. I am strong, Because I didn't let those hurtful words define me. I am strong,
I am things of the heart. I am things of the mind. Things to be sought. One cannot easily find. I am determined at my goal. I am not easily swayed. From the pursuit in my mind.
  I am who I’m meant to be. I am I am I am Who am I really That is the question Not the thing causing your indigestion That’s your drunken heart I am not you
You tell me I’m nothing You tell me I am worthless That I have no talent That no one really loves me That they’re lying to me
I am me. I am proud of that. I am like no one else on Earth, I am unique and weird. I am epic. That will never change. The storm of life will eat me up and shit me out, but I will always want to be me. Forever.
I am The Percy Jackson series I am The writer with a dream I am The one who stays up late I am The one who gets up early but only when I'm camping I am A Doctor Who lover
A stack of review books A sideways look I’d say that sums up who I am Always confused But not giving up Because I can do it if I say I can Got it down academically But you guys are a mystery
I used to sit up high perched on daddy’s shoulders watching the world go by, I wonder will I grow up to be as tall and strong as daddy?
Who am I? I AM an African American Male in the 21st Century I am not a walking target  I am strong and I have power I am growing and learning blossuming like a flower I am what society despises of me
  My name is the syncopated beat Of a dotted eighth note, sixteenth note Rocking like a boat on windy waters   My laugh is the swoop of glissando Sometimes a delicate slide
the feeling of the desire to laugh because you are happy. the desire to smile because this time you know it's true.
I am not made up of DNA I am made up of gold. I am not made up of anything besides the strength I possess and precious metals Therefore nothing can break me down  
What makes me proud? Hmmm that’s a broad question. What makes me happy? Hmmm that’s an ambiguous question. If only I could give you answers that made sense to the world.
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