I am a splinter from a broken tree

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 02:37 -- Alyssia

I told her 

of my fears 

inside the peel 

of the fruit. 

The first of her 

fickle love 

stapled rubies 

on my sheets.

In darkness, 

finding monsters, 

don't forget about me. 

Let my voice 

break the threadding 

of her hair. 


my tears,

scratching at her palms. 

My rapture

never touches the 

bridges of her ears. 

Rid me of this sickness,

don't you call me by my name. 

Letting water cut me

like the splinters 

on this tree.

Take me into silence

soaking happiness 

at my feet.

Know me by the ridges

left of me

from that day. 

I allow the tar

to coat me like 

the fabric of the rain.

Crawling down the distance, 

hidden creatures,

sudden wind. 


with a rusted blade 

against my wrist. 

Don't forget about me.


as a splinter 

underneath the water's surface. 


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