BROad amBiguitY


What makes me proud? Hmmm that’s a broad question.

What makes me happy? Hmmm that’s an ambiguous question.

If only I could give you answers that made sense to the world.

Answers that you find on Google and Bing, answers that made the world continue to spin.

But see the problem is I don’t spin the same way that the world do;

And even if I did, I don’t quite know if you knew.

Did you know? That there are people like me that strive to be the parallel world of society. I try to break the mold everyday because I know there’s something inside of me.

Someone, Something, Some voice, some hymn that hums in the back of my mind;

It tells me, don’t be afraid even you were meant to shine, we all lose our way but in the end we find more than a rainbow could leave behind.

Treasures beyond compare because that treasure is you.

This is the type of treasure that multiplies and becomes more than you can handle on your own.

So another job is given to you, another task of the day, another way to show everyone your way. To show the world what you’re proud of, what makes you happy.

Well I guess it’s time to let you know what I’m proud of and what makes me happy.

I’m proud of all that you’ve just read above, because if this were a test or a pop quiz, I’d probably fail with flying colors, but I don’t care because what makes me happy is broad ambiguity.

Broad Ambiguity is what I call the life I live every second of every minute of every day, never letting anything slip away in specifics, but letting time flow and ebb away at whatever was holding me back.

Like a rock in river I stand underwater with no hope to quiver but when the water unlocks my mystical way I float away with the water. Hoping that one-day I become stronger, happy that I was able to flow and ebb away whatever was holding me back.

I’m happy to live a life that has meaning with no purpose just yet, because I could learn to fly tomorrow, and discover new land on my journey, but that doesn’t mean I must land just yet because this is my journey.

There are so many currents and flows in this life and I just wanted you to know, what makes me is happy is to follow everyone without question or answer.

I’m just living a life trying to find the answers, before I ask questions, but really it all comes down to two words that I live by.

I am proud and happy to live my life the same way that I have always lived it, with Broad Ambiguity.

Before I take you down another road, swim across a river with rocks that quiver, to fly to unknown lands with no reason to land, I must wake up.

Yes, I have shared with you a dream of mine that comes and goes like the wind but always reminds me to stay on track with the wind, because one day after I wake up I will realize that I have lived a life with purpose and meaning, but until then I live a life and dream of…

Broad Ambiguity. 

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