Full of Questions

My thoughts are all tangled up

They’re hopelessly intertwined

There is no hope to ever find me

When I’ve lost in these ties


I worry I’ll never learn the things torturing my mind


Who am I, who do I want to be

Who will I ever get to be?


I don’t know, that’s just me


I’m full of questions

Full of run-on sentences

Full of the unknown

And the never before mentioned


I’m full of ers and ahs, I’m stuttering

Hopelessly wondering

Will I ever find the answers I’m looking for


I wonder if one day ill burst from the curiousity

If theres a limit to how much

I don’t know


People all around me can comprehend

They have no questions burning inside of them

But I’m an embodiment of

The sounds, and the words, and everything

I can’t understand

Will I ever understand


Is it cause I'm ignorant every word I say has

The Jagged edges

Of the the blind,

the privillaged,

and the unexperienced


But I try and I'm trying to think differently

To see the world with eyes of people that aren’t like me.


Because I’m  full of things I’m afraid to tell

Full of things I’m afraid to think of


I’m full of things I almost said

The questions burning inside my head


I’m afraid to say what I want to ask

Because I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t understand


I feel like im Full of the arcane

Full of things that are to strange

And because of this

I’m going insane

I’ve gone insane


In the end I don’t know who I am exactly

Just a girl who looks at the world

With eyes of uncertainty

but also I also see every

wonderfull possibility

And can’t wait to try them all

I can’t wait to try them all


I don’t know, that’s just me,


 I’m an embodiment of a grand mystery

That I live for that I love

Every plot twist and when I unexpectedly

Prove to myself of all the wonder I can achieve.

Because I’m a question with no answer to

A sentence that doesn’t want to end

Im full of the unknown and that’s all I want to be

I want to scream it out and

Have people hear me


I’m full of ers and ahs, I’m stuttering

Hopelessly wondering

What’s the fun in knowing all the answers to

My questions

My questions


And that’s how I



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