Wed, 11/04/2015 - 18:46 -- cconti

Since you said so,

i have been below you.

And since time has yet to heal my wounds,

i would like you to see,

what you have done to me.

This heart holds true,

that no matter what you did to me,

this is for you.


The word fell off of your lips





And just like that,

my self esteem declined

plundging into the ground,

where, for five years, i wish i was.


And i felt your grip even harder on my skin,

and feared the fire in his eyes.

Wishing and hoping it would cease in a fine powder,

or maybe a memory of his, rather than mine.


As you made me hate myself,

and try to better my body for you,

i realize that i would love to be stronger,

than what you could ever be.


So now, while you may think you broke me,

you began my period of reconstruction.

Even though, the architecture is shaky at times,

i have never been stronger.

And since i said so,

this is for you;

no matter what you did,

i would like to say thank you,

as you made me stronger than you.




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