A Brilliant Madness


Emily Avenue
United States
38° 21' 22.122" N, 122° 41' 30.1416" W

I live in a world filled with billions of other beings.

Yet, it is only the beginning to living the life

of importance,

of opportunity,

of individuality.

I am only one spirit in this universe,

even the slightest of steps in the right direction,

taken by only one,

can lead to the journey of a lifetime.

No one is exactly the same.

No one experiences the exact same trauma.

No one experiences the exact same prosperity.

I am my own identity with my own thoughts and dreams.

I have faced periods of strife and illness,

only to come out stronger,

with further appreciation for the joys of life,

treasuring my relationships with family, friends.

Through the brilliant madness, I have managed to find the sanity,

by exploring the depths of my mind.

I am strong.

I am kind.

I am intelligent.

I am creative.

I am unique.

I am me.

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Our world


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