Thu, 11/05/2015 - 19:13 -- jcfraz

I stand alone 

A lone I am

The first of three

Expected to be happy

But they don't know the tears I shed

When all turn their head

Sister sees me as a role model

How am I so subtle 

My world is crumbling and I cant help

Help but think I have felt

Felt the worst of pain

Theres no way to explain  

Explain how I've made it so far

Far enough to cover the scar

Scars that have been cause by them

And repeated again and again 

I only trust few

And their the ones who knew

Knew the real me

And know who I can really be

I have multiple sides to my attitude 

Which is why I need my solitude

So I stand alone

But only because that's who I am






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