What Shaped Me

What Shaped Me


I am a product of peculiar belief

Once ashamed but now astonished

With the setting of a bedroom

The bedroom I call home

For it was my own, I was born

“Midwife” was not a sobriquet

for mama- it was certain classification

The explanation to peers became laborious

The career my mother practiced to bring

A newborn into this world- without the hand of a doctor

It was odd but grew to be authentic

I am a product of peculiar belief



He showed me where to never go

From intoxication until his fall

to fist indented holes in the wall

Alcoholism masked his soul

The mask the good Lord ended after all

Now sober, I offer thanks to my father

For the perks to oppose his falter

He showed me where to never go



For me normailty is absent you see

An ordinary sense of lifestyle ceases to be

For that, I am me

From wisdom of my once addicted dad

Visions I foresaw to never go

they pathed a way

With a love of diversitile conjecture

A shift to sober prosperity

I reaped guidance to thrive



I am a product of peculiar belief

They showed me where to go

And now I am me

Successful and true

For they I owe thanks to

Love you Mom and Dad

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