More Than You Know

Cruelty, laughter, misunderstood, Maybe they'd just go away if they could. Teasing, taunting, going too far, Your humor tends to leave a scar. Trying to be cool by humiliating others, You look like a fool, and you've yet to discover, That there's always more than what meets the eye, That "weird kid" in the corner, they go home and cry, For their home life's not good, and things aren't too great,  And then they get harassed by your rumors and hate. But despite your immaturity, they keep pressing on, For in a few short hours, their happiness is gone. Never be judgmental, for if one day that's you, you'll find yourself thinking it's Deja Vu,  For if you had been kinder and just left it alone, you'd realize that your good character just might have shown. It's funny how your actions come back to bite you,  And everything you've said now applies to you, too. So, next time before you decide to have a go, just remember that they suffer more than you know. 

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