Unnoticed Brilliance From a Mere Girl

A ghostly past weeps behind her,
with open eyes of the future beyond her.
A girl with black flowing hair stands near,
staring at her future out of fear.
Suddenly a ghost smile appears on her lips,
gratitude radiates from her fingertips.

The thought and power of just her voice
makes many bend in such rejoice.
Not knowing her future so bright ahead,
makes many envy wanting her head.
But not so fast, her loved ones has come
And it'll be the end of time before she weeps in the sun.

A fighter, a dreamer, a never stopping believer,
Generous as can be and caring as the calm sea.
What lies ahead, she may never know,
But thankful she is for her knowledgeful soul.

A lone wolf is what she may call herself.
Clever as a fox, yet independent as a robot.
Isolation is one of her fears,
So are spiders which brings her to tears.

The girl who seems to be so coy,
Everything about her is fake like a toy.
A broken piece with a smile on,
A kind girl with a benign song.

She is slowly smiling to this poem,
For she has many, many years to show them.
Try and seek her yet she hides,
But the girl was beneath your nose all the time.

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