The Truth

the feeling of the desire to laugh because you are happy.

the desire to smile because this time you know it's true.

the moment of breakthrough you have ignites your soul with a burning fire.

the feelings you feel inside because you finally feel worth breathing the air around you.

Surrounding yourself with people no longer entangles your mind to anxiety.

instead of cutting you want to write.

instead of dreaming of dying or dreaming thereof

you dream the dream you wish you had all along

you have the burning passion to be able to finish school

because you are no longer afraid

no more over thinking life's problems

no more running away from them

no more wishing you can disappear

this is your breakthrough

this is the true you

no more holding in everything inside

because you are afraid of what they would say.

no more crying at night because you feel like you are worthless

you are worth

worthy of the air

that hugs your lungs with life

worthy of the smile

that you can truly do freely

worthy of your souls happiness

because in all truthfulness

that is what you want

to be happy doesn't mean you won't get sad

it does not mean that the fight you've been fighting won't creep up again

the happiness you have is the strength inside of you

to deal with the heartache

to deal with the pain

learn how to cry

learn how to mourn

but in a positive way

the truth inside you

will only be found when you least expect it.

because waiting for the joy to arrive

waiting for the depression to decrease

and the anxiety to subside

waiting for your peace of mind

it won't help you get there faster

it won't help you cope with the things that you want gone

although people may not know what you go through

although others see happiness

as an easy target to reach

that does not mean that they are superior

it does not mean that something is wrong with you

all it means is finding what works

what's the truth for you?

what IS truth for you?

The truth is your breakthrough!

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