One day you're born, it's five in the morn,

you're screaming, yelling, kicking and screaming.

Not aware, you take a blink

you're 5 and reaching for the sink.

you like fun things,

coloring, playing, stuff like that,

another blink of an eye,

you're 8, swinging a bat.

Now you're into sports,

baseball, basketball, stuff like that.

You're 10 and have two dogs,

since you're dad hates the cat.

You are smart, and love math.

Every day you're taking a bath.

You think to yourself, what you want to be.

A doctor, lawyer, teacher, all you can see.

It's 8th grade, and you're a teenager.

You need to be cool, sports is a must,

your hygiene stinks and coloring's a bust.

You're 13, thinking about high school.

Sports, Fun, and girls is all that's on your mind.

As long as you look, there's everything to find.

Football, a girlfriend, and bonfires did the trick.

You hurt your girlfriend, she says 'wow such a prick.'

You're 15 and taking college classes. 

Still loving math, you go all out.

Finish Calc 1, 2, and 3, you begin to pout. 

With the blink of an eye you're 17.

Playing football, you are very keen.

You're outgoing, smart, and kind.

Girls love messing with your mind.

Time slows down, as you start to think.

Whens the next time that you will blink?

College is fast approaching, 

indeed it is true,

you write a poem for a scholarship,

man! How time flew.


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