Sous moi, vous et le diable dansé

Pale white skin at each wax and wane, at each curvature,

Shadows and craters and lines etched along the surface,

Effervescence effortlessly embodied empirically,



Glowing before you in the night.


In my infancy I was bald,


without a mark made upon me. 

Gleefully gleaming my innocence to all.

Then, a meteor hit my surface,

in the form of a hand,

and I knew there'd be more to come. 

                   First by the environment I called home,

                   and next by the circumstances in my circumference in the order of life

                   and the universe


Years went by and I soon found my way

out of the belt

and nearby another atmosphere

A simple, hopeful, blue orb full of promise and faith.

I knew, even at 17, that this was where I belonged.


With scars marring my skin, I moved in next to this planet,

and its inhabitants and its sun accepted me readily 

and revered my marks as divine

in a face of beauty


The sun became my lover 

and the orb's inhabitants knew my power

they knew what I could do 

and they lived in awe of it and grew

even more astounded by my celestial prescence

                  With every meteor of travail

                  that left its impression upon my surface

                  each spot, each crater, was marveled as an added quality of strength majestic

                  as I continued to prevail


Yet, without the light of my lover,

shining his love upon me,

My reign would've gone unnoticed to those that gaze upon me.

He is the heat to my cool, the flame to my stone, my balance in my soul.

And as glorious as his love is to me,

it shan't be forgot

that I am still the moon without him.

I still hold all the power I did before, if not more,

A light that chooses to shine or not shine on me

does not change the swiftness of my abilities.


I tilt my head and the tides swell,

I turn my cheek and the tides recede,

I guide man's behaviours by what they can see;

                    I become full in their vision, 

                    and they're left feeling anxious and stupefied.

                    I disappear into the night,

                    and they're left feeling calm yet morose.

                    One mortal stare caught in my direction is now doomed to search

                    for me each night

                    Just as I sway the oceans of Earth, I sway the moods of its people.

For I am the one Artemis followed,

I am the one of which legends were made,

I am the one that watches over you,

and I am the one that can end you if I bade,

               -and with a tilt of my side, 

               the oceans and lakes would deliver you to your watery graves.


Once a babe unscathed and afraid,

Now a battleworn entity, astral and brave. 

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