I Am...Me

I only know the kid I was, from days that past and photos taken

Remember my nightmares and dreams forsaken

I look ahead and find memories cloudy

Try to forget and get in trouble for being way too rowdy?

No detentions in school, or elsewhere, thank God!

I've heard the poem, don’t spoil the children or spare the rod

Oh yes, my soul, our souls, must be saved

Give us the place, the peace, the angriest of ways

For me, I must study, read and read it again

The gift of my good grades comes from within

Dyslexic and disarming, I read words sideways and in reverse

Poetry for me was a promising curse

The curse of a F, sometimes a D plus

I had to read poetry and read it again

Seeing strange meanings and confusion the path
Now go to college and read it again

Why can't it be said in simple terms, like math

Swim harder, swim more, swim like Dr. Seuss says, " and swim even more"


No medals for me, just stand in line.
Look smart with team photos and pretend that I'm fine.

Impress my coaches, teachers and peers.

Hope for the best and pretend to avoid the jeers.

Work my tail off to study some more,

Knowledge is power and I will provide for the poor

Love for most music and most times alone

No. Just independent and short on the phone

I see some connections but move on ahead

Treading water and making more bread

Poetry for I, begins to take place

Haiku, the start and prose the pace

Recipes for cooking, baking and frying

I worked a pizza joint once, not to my liking

Saved by my Dad, a grump with heart

Stubborn and aching, but gave me my start

No wonders.
No delays, No way can I write this with a hope of some pay

The Law is concrete and filled with facts

I am the kid from over the tracks
Schedules and statutes and empty postponements
Trials and motions

Appearance without meaning and empty days of valid atonements


Success is the only method of dyslexic

Forget that fact and life becomes so damn hectic

My pets are my joy and give me a smile

They don't argue or complain not even a while

I fish and find peace

I fish only catch and release


No drugs, no smoking, no drink
Jesus, If I did that, I couldn't feel to think

I'm going to make it bigger than life

I had a bad start loaded with strife


Like the tea leaves about to be placed into hot water

I watch the change

My family is very, very important to me

Mad at my birth mom, who refuses to see

No help with school, life's in a bottle

No smiles, no cards, no emails to follow

A kid brother an athlete, a father a cop, my stepmom & my step grandma always on top

Chasing my dream to get a license in Law, just wonder
Experts in guidance that could never even ponder

You’re just a kid that cuts firewood for honey.
Advise your dad that we need more money!

Restack the confusing phrases in the order of kind 

And that is the poet in me you will find.

For these are my faults, difficulties as you can see.

For this is who I am; this is Me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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