The Ambitions Of a Statistic

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 23:09 -- dasiab

I am a statistic
A young adult with a voice and no father to listen
I am sweet and fine and so divine
ha, my personality it’s hard for you to miss it
but I am what I am which is a statistic,

With a single mother struggling at home, to keep me warm even in the cold.
No silver, No gold, no riches.
I am what I am, I am a statistic

College is my dream and aspiration,
All those people rappin’ about me failing was just hatin(g)
My mother always did say “Your gonna make it baby regardless just be patient”
She continued “your always on the roll, went way past my initial goal”
But I am what I am, I am a statistic

My mother never went to college, had me at a young age, ever since,
Everything’s been falling.
I tell her they’re going to see me make it, for it’s my calling
To be a statistic no more, what are you doing all this for?
They asked, not knowing the goals that I have to get out of this lower middle class
I am what I am a statistic and I can change my destiny to quit it.
A statistic is a number, a total, a stereotype.
For I am Dasia Brown I can make my own life right.

This poem is about: 
My family


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