I am ....Scholarship Slam

I Am

I am from Neville and Kristen.

From Bary and Maureen and Joan

Who taught me the importance of kindness and the meaning of love.


I am From Bridge town and brisk rainy days,

From magnificent waterfalls to dazzling lily farms

Where I learned to respect the outdoors and appreciate its beauty.


I am from Saturday football festivities with savory foods,

From sizzling burgers, juicy hot dogs and gooey cheesy nachos

Which taught me how to be passionate about somehing I like.


I am from smoking meat, catching fish and hunting,

From freshly caught food served on the table

Which taught me about traditions, bonding and the great outdoors.


I am from Rip City and Rose City till I die.

From rooting for Lilliard to stomping with the Timbers Army

Where I wear my team jerseys with pride.


I am from futbol and soccer.

From Emerald City and soon Seattle University

Which will  fulfill my future dreams.


I am from immigrants to the United States,

A product of the American Dream

Something I am very proud of.


I am from #catsruledogsdrool.

From a desire to help stray animals

Who taught me about unconditional love.


I am from Sunday polo,

A place for family and friends to enjoy each other.

Something I will miss when I leave for college.


I am from clean up this room before you go out!

And put away all your empty soda cans.

I am from "It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember."


I am from my family, so thank you for making me, me.



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